Nobody’s reading this anyway…

…so I might as well say what I’m really thinking, right? I’m changing this blog from a design critique to a more generalized rant about what bugs me – in design and the world in general. So, first things first. I’m sick of things being done faster, cheaper and “good enough”. I got into this […]

Has Apple design lost the plot?

For years Apple has been leading the consumer electronics industry around by its design nose. When Apple unveiled the original iMac, immediately our digital accessories started turning transparent teal. When they unveiled the Titanium PowerBooks, all of our hard drives and DVD players were encased in brushed metal (although even at Apple the titanium didn’t […]

Why Cadillac just doesn’t get it.

Ok, so it’s more marketing than design, but I think someone needs to put it out there – the reason GM is hemoraging money is that they simply don’t understand the market, and in my mind, it all starts with Cadillac. In the past few years Cadillac has been on a push to compete with […]

Oh those terrible lights…

Inga Saffron, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s architecture critic loves the Cira Centre’s new lights. I couldn’t disagree more. Although the LEDs on the Cira Centre might be better than some of the recent lighting projects in the city – that’s not saying much. Boathouse Row has set a horrible precedent for lighting in Philadelphia for years. […]

Where have all the details gone?

I will admit to being split over the merits of modern architecture. I am a lover of art deco, Frank Furness and Norman Foster, but I think that most buildings from the 1950s and ’60s (think Philly’s Penn Center) would contribute more to society as raw steel and asbestos – reinforced oven mitts maybe. I […]