A pie in the oven.

You know how cooking shows always seem to have a perfect version of the final cooked dish waiting in the oven? Artists need them sometimes too. This is my “pie in the oven” for an Autodesk Sketchbook Pro demonstration that I’m giving tomorrow at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Even though I’ll be doing a real-time […]

The car search begins…

To those who might not have heard the news yet, a few weeks ago my wife, 8-month old daughter, and I packed up our things, sold our house, and moved to The Netherlands. That’s a dramatic life change, coming on the heels of our first child last April, but one that we both have been […]

Peugeot Partner Tepee – First Impressions

As I stepped out the customs line in Zurich, I immediately heard it over the loudspeaker, “Mr. Andrew Meehan, please come to the information desk”. Regardless of how this car would turn out, it seemed that the drop off would be one of the most seamless and efficient things I’d every experienced. What I would […]

A Walk in the Snow

A major storm this past weekend dumped upwards of 20 inches of snow on Philadelphia for the second time this winter, causing major disruptions and cancellations for everyone. Despite this, the timing and absolutely gorgeous weather that followed the storm urged my wife and I to take a little walk around the neighborhood to take […]

Stunning miniature car models from Michael Paul Smith

via flickr.com If you think that car models are for kids, think again. These photos are taken by setting up stunningly detailed models of cars and environments in the real world and snapping incredibly realistic moments in time. Check out his flickr page for behind the scenes views and descriptions. Posted via web from The […]

Flavio Manzoni officially takes over design at Ferrari.

Flavio Manzoni. Ferrari named on Thursday Flavio Manzoni as the new chief of design, who last served as the head of creative design of the Volkswagen Group, an appointment that could signal a dramatic change in how Ferrari designs its cars. News of Mr. Manzoni’s appointment had been floating around since last September, and Ferrari […]