A Walk in the Snow

A major storm this past weekend dumped upwards of 20 inches of snow on Philadelphia for the second time this winter, causing major disruptions and cancellations for everyone. Despite this, the timing and absolutely gorgeous weather that followed the storm urged my wife and I to take a little walk around the neighborhood to take in the sunshine.

It was such a perfect day that I wanted to record a video of our little adventure as a memory (my wife is 7 months pregnant), but we don’t own a video camera or even a decent point and shoot with video capabilities. Instead, I decided to use my Canon EOS Rebel XSi DSLR to take the video. Only problem? It doesn’t do video. So I decided to do the whole thing as a stop-motion film, taking more than 1200 still photos and arranging them into the little video you see here. I just dropped them into iMovieHD (yes, the OLD version) and then added the titles in Photoshop Extended (yes, Photoshop does video quite well, thank you). The result is the little 4-minute video you see here.

To get the full effect of using an DSLR to shoot video (which many, or most even, are now capable of), jump on over to YouTube and check it out in full 720p HD.